Morning meeting routine in a special education classroom or autism program

Morning Greeting Visuals

TEACCH Task Box ideas for a special education program or autism classroom

TEACCH Task Boxes!

Our interactive Math & Language Arts Workbooks provide independent work to your students & a HUGE help as you run through the unending list of to-do's at the start of the year! From #thautismhelper

Interactive Reading and Math Work Books

The Importance of Independent Work in an Autism Class!

The Importance of Independent Work {and how to set it up in your class

Using Visuals in Special Education and Autism Classrooms

How to Use Visuals Purposefully and Effectively

Great visuals for helping all special education (autism classroom) staff, paraprofessionals / aides and teachers, to remember reinforcers, prompting strategies, and instructional targets in the classroom.  Great way to help us all be highly engaged with the students.

Visual Reminders for Special Education Classroom Staff*Autism*LifeSkills

I've rounded up 5 posts on setting up classrooms with floor plans and pictures and added some tips of my own via @drchrisreeve

5 Autism Classroom Layouts and Tips for Designing Yours

Get the prep started now!  Here is the first in a series of posts on setting up your autism classroom.  Great information.  Read more at:

How to Get Your Classroom Centers Started

Teaching Special Thinkers: Color Coding Your Classroom For MAXIMUM ORGANIZATION
My Wait Basket is one of my favorite tools in my Autism Classroom. This classroom idea helped me keep students hands busy while I tend to other classroom issues that arise throughout the day.

Teaching Wait: The Wait Basket

The first two weeks of schools are critical in any classroom… especially in a special needs classroom. We need to be on our game all. the. time – visual schedules ready, intentional and…

The First 2 Weeks in a Self-Contained SPED Classroom

Visual schedules are EVERYTHING in the Autism classroom. Our students thrive on them, but us teachers need some serious organizational skills for all those little icons floating around the classroom. Check out how I hack visual schedules in my Special Education classroom.

Visual Schedules: Schedule Hacks

Working in centers is an evidenced-based practice that is utilized in autism classrooms.  Not only is it effective for our students, it can actually make your teaching more effective and your planning easier.

Why You Need to Be Utilizing Centers in Your Autism Classroom

Here's to Another Year: Autism Classroom Tour! | Teaching Special Thinkers
Putting in the time to train your staff at the beginning of the year is ESSENTIAL for a successful team! From #theautismhelper

Start of the Year MUST: Train Your Paraprofessionals

9 tips for designing a self-contained special education classroom. Get your…