Simple instructions for converting a regular brownie recipe to cupcake brownies, plus tips on adding more flavor to boxed mixes.

How to Cook Brownies in a Cupcake Pan

Put 1 full teaspoon rice in bottom of cupcake cups.  It elevates the paper cups and end ups with NO GREASE MARKS ON THE PAPER CUPS!!!!!!!
The easiest way to get delicious, mini brownies! Would you have ever though of this quick baking hack? Pour your batter into cupcake tins for quick, brownie bites. Recipe here:

How to Cook Brownies in a Cupcake Pan

These lasted less than 5 minutes at our last BBQ!!! So fruity, tart, and ADORABLE.

No Bake Strawberry Lemonade Mini Cheesecakes

Cupcake cones?! // easily made with this special non-stick baking rack... yes please!
My favorite basic fluffy vanilla cupcakes chock full of sprinkles and topped with a creamy cake batter frosting!

Funfetti Cupcakes with Cake Batter Frosting

Oreo Stuffed Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cupcakes- a chocolate chip cookie baked in a cupcake pan stuffed with an Oreo and loaded with sprinkles- then topped with a flufffy vanilla buttercream frosting!

Oreo Stuffed Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Easy Chocolate Molten Cakes in a Cupcake Pan: Made these last night, so yummy and baked to perfection, served them with homemade whipped cream and blackberries. Mmmm...
wish I would have known this when Erin was in school!  How to make Ice cream cone Cup cakes :)

Make a Cupcake Cone

im just gunna throw this out there..... there is no way in hell these are going to come out of of those cupcake pans easy. they never do!

Mini Pies in a Cupcake Tin

top of the cupcake bakes faster than the bottom because its smaller and theres less batter   put another pan half filled with water under the lid
Make a cone holder for baking ice cream cone cupcakes. Works wonders!  I also suggest making enough to transport, the cupcakes end up being top heavy.