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The Great White Shark, arguably the ocean's most highly developed and successful top of the food chain predator. McC

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King of the Ocean. This incredible photo was captured by Matt Draper near the Neptune Islands off South Australia. A Great White Shark moments before eating a Fur Seal. — with Matthew Johnston.

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Shark Pictures

Great White...beautiful

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Funny Animal Pictures with Captions | funny-animal-captions-animal-capshunz-you-can-trust-me.jpg

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Vegetables That Are Actually Fruits

A definitely not photoshopped picture of the TERRIFYING Greenland Shark... #shark

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Go Home Shark, You’re Drunk

Go Home Shark, You’re Drunk - Venice has some challenges they don't talk about much.

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Heart Waffle Iron

21 Perfectly Timed Photos That'll Make You Say WTF 0 -

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The Sea: the first wonder of the world – in pictures

Swim with sharks. Doesn't have to be hammerheads. But preferably not a great white, bull, or tiger...I have unknowingly been in the water with a hammerhead but didn't see it...everyone else did. One day. I don't even care if I get bit as long as nothing gets chomped off and I live haha

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Great White Shark Leaps At Bait

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Smaller fish keep their distance when a blacktip reef shark swims amongst them in shallow water

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