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10 plants you can't kill image 2. Canna Tropicana The hot, bright colours of Cannas lend themselves well to bold, tropical plantings. Even when not in flower, their foliage lights up the garden bed. Canna indica is a weed in some areas, so don’t plant it.

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Orange-flowered Variegated Canna Lily 'Pretoria' - native to tropical and subtropical regions of the New World, from the southern United States (southern South Carolina west to southern Texas) and south to northern Argentina

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tropical plants that can handle cold | ... Dwarf Canna Lily Lilies in Pots Flowers Garden Plants Tropical Foliage

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Canna lilies look great in a summertime hedge. But they're not very cold-hardy, meaning they'll die in the North if you leave them out in winter. So how should you bring your canna bulbs indoors to overwinter them? Here are the steps to take: http://landscaping.about.com/od/tropicalplants/f/store_cannas.htm

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Canna Lily Cleopatra - their leaves are intriguing

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Tropicanna Black canna in back as thriller with brilliant red flower, accented with Tropicanna canna in foreground as filler, with bright orange, pink and white annual flowers as the spiller

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Tropicanna canna, coleus Alabama Sunset, orange zinnia, bronze sweet potato vine, creeping zinnia (sanvitalia)

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In this container garden the bronze red foliage of the cannas are tall and bold, the coleus add texture in the leaf design for something small to fill the base, accented with light colored ivy to give the container a lush full look. (image only)

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Yellow cannas is underplanted with Surfinia blue sky and Royal Velvet petunias. They mix with an alternate planting of scaveola.

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