Секс, насилие, организованная преступность и странный канадский юмор (Clutch)

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Канадский фотограф представил миру свое видение женских фотосессий. Проект просто взорвал Интернет!

Джеймс Керр: “Интернет сделал людей художниками” | Interview Россия

Джеймс Керр: “Интернет сделал людей художниками” | Interview Россия

Canadian Humor. A Canadian Joke I remember someone telling me. I thought it was pretty good and could give someone a laugh.. Canadian Humor ...

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Canadian growth chart. The stereotype Canadian plays icehockey, if they keep all the sticks. they can see the growth during their lifetime.< the whole Canadians loving hockey thing is not true I'm Canadian and I hate hockey

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those are the worst words ever. it's only -10 degrees today but with the wind chill it'll feel like -55

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Canadian Slang, we do say toque and beanie, they are different < yes. They are. Don't get them mixed up

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Oml that's what happens if u try and tell us what to do. NEVER EVER do that! Or u can kiss that charming face of urs good-bye

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its funny because if your Canadian u know what there talking about

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