иранское искусство рисования огнём и тканью

Иранское искусство резьбы по дереву - Шевченко Андрей

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Painting Process The 18 x 36 clayboard was painted with mossy green and muted yellow acrylics, aged to create cracks and crevasses, and then slightly detailed with light touches of red enamel for cont

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Simurgh/simorgh is a benevolent, magical flying creature, a famous character in Persian Mythology. It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds, that also have some origins within simurgh, such as the Griffin or Pheonix. It has been depicted within Iranian art and literature for centuries.

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Mahmoud Farshchian ~ Deliverance, 1996

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Shirin Neshat, portrait in the Iranian Artist "Women of Allah" series. Most of the portraits in this series are of women with guns and provide a commentary on the Iran Iraq war. She uses painted calligraphy on the hands, feet and faces of the subject as a way to invite the viewer to think more deeply about the women. Where is this woman from? What do you think the words say? Would be interesting to read the translation? What do you think the women is feeling?

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Iranian artist, Mohammad Hadi Fadavi

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Simurgh , Persian also spelled simorgh, simurg, simoorg or simourv, is a benevolent, mythical flying creature. It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds such as Arabic Anqā or Persian Homā The figure can be found in all periods of Greater Iranian art and literature and is also evident in the iconography of medieval Armenia , the Byzantine empire and other regions that were within the sphere of Persian cultural influence ..

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Persian art

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