Индонезийские рецепты

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Hi everyone! Today I’m finally!! sharing Indonesian recipe. Thank you so much for requesting, it’s been so much fun researching and learning about Indonesian cuisine! My first Indonesian recipe will be Mie Goreng. Mie goreng is worldwide known Indonesian stir-fried noodles. It is savory, sweet, spicy and incredibly satisfying! It’s easier than making pasta with...Read More »
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How to make spicy Indonesian fried rice.
Nasi Kuning (Indonesian Turmeric Rice with Coconut Milk)
Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce (Indonesian / Bali version) - the easiest of all South East Asian satays, a handful of ingredients you can get from the supermarket. Thick, chunky peanut sauce!
Slow Cooker Indonesian Shredded Chicken - throw everything in the slow cooker and your work is done. The magic comes next as the chicken and sauce are melded together and the result is super tender, crazy delicious barbecue chicken!
A delightfully simple yet extravagant and delicious Indonesian yellow rice recipe frequently found at festive celebrations like weddings and holidays. #indonesian
These spicy chicken Indonesian meatballs come complete in a creamy coconut curry sauce that really is quite easy to prepare and are out of bounds delicious!