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Хозяева нашли кошку на улице ночью, решив забрать ее к себе, чтобы дать ей еды и теплое место для сна. С утра они не поверили своим глазам: у кошки торчала нижняя челюсть, делая ее похожей на оборотня-вампира. Влюбившись в такую нестандартную кошку, они дали ей имя Принцесса Монстр-трака и оставили у себя навсегда

what is your wolf name - Google Search

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What is your werewolf name? Fierce Crescent god it sounds like I'm an angry philsberry dough boy.......

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I just found this on Tumblr~ Your fantasy villain title made by apollonui ~ Mine is The Savage Vampire Of The East! What's yours?

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Werewolf name | Silver Glow... I sound like a homo or something!

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We Ahead: your werewolf name :D

Pépites du web : le meilleur de la semaine #44

We Ahead: your werewolf name :D

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Wat is je wolven naam?

Grey Crescent• Werewolf Renamer.

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The Werewolf Name Generator: Your Werewolf Name

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"The character was originally conceived as an alter ago name for Tumblr user Kitchiki, who was given the name “Moon Moon” in an online forum game titled "What is Your Werewolf Name? (shown below).[1] On April 5th, Kitchiki noted the silliness of the result in response to the original image post, which gained more than 158,000 notes in the first two weeks."--- Btw, I am "Ancient Hound" 8)

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What's Your Name Generator | Posted by gags at 4:17 am Tagged with: Names , Werewolf

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