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Most Popular Kitten Names 2013 Definitely a most interesting read - and what makes it so interesting is that someone takes the time to keep track of it all... lol

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Pagan and witchy cat names are popular these days and you will probably be spoiled for choice should you be a lover of the particular esoteric. Description from I searched for this on

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We've looked over the names of more than 643,000 cats born in 2012 to determine the year's most popular kitten names. Some might surprise you!

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Do you know the meaning of your girl kitten names? Check out this big list.

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New Kitten Checklist - Petrest

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This makes me want to get a black cat and a white cat and name them this.

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How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

So you're bringing home a new kitten? Congratulations! Kittens are notorious, adorable little trouble-makers, with a knack for getting into things they shouldn't. Their natural curiosity can get them into serious trouble if you don't take a few preventative measures to ensure their safety before they arrive in their new home. Follow along as eBay shares a few suggestions for kitten proofing the different areas of your home that will make their transition a lot smoother – for both of you!

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Mothers name:lillybloom Kittens names:Orchid,Daisy And Rose Ages:(mom) 20 moons (Kits) 3 moons Personalitys:(mom) Loving (Kits)Playful

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Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat, does whatever a Spider-Cat does...

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Pictures of the day: 23 September 2011

This ginger kitten named Garfield seemed to believe it was invisible as it covered one eye with a paw and sat in a flower pot to hide from a large dog.

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