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15 Bra Hacks, Tips, and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

Find your TRUE bra size at www.mybrasizecalculator.com!
Know the "Sister Bra Sizes" to Quickly Find a Bra That Fits... The more you know! I'm wearing the completely wrong size!

Know the "Sister Bra Sizes" to Quickly Find a Bra That Fits

FINALLY an accurate bra calculator! "I" got it right the first try… and… measuring my girlfriend was fun, too:
√    Bra Sizes explained tutorial! - most people that work at places who should know how to measure you for bras don't know how, do it yourself the right way!

17 Ridiculously Good Tips For Anyone Who Wears A Bra

Bra Size Calculator - type in your measurements to get your band and cup size. Quote from the website: "Don't be alarmed if this size is different from what you are used to, most women are wearing the wrong size bra! Your recommended bra size is a great starting point to finding bras that will fit you perfectly. The best size for you may vary based on the bra brand, style or other factors."
Use this handy chart to find your sister size the next time you're shopping

This Genius Tip Will Make Bra Shopping So Much Easier

This is one of the best sites for determining your bra size. Most people will be shocked by what it tells them. But then, 90% of women in the US are wearing the wrong bra size. Realistically speaking, you're wearing a sister size, like I am.
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How-to determine bra size is fundamental in getting a correctly fitting bra. This guide about proper bra size measurement will help a bra-wearer find the right size range for their body and spot whether or not a bra fits correctly, thereby allowing anyone to shop for a bra more knowledgeably and avoid poor fitting advice offered by unscrupulous or unknowing fitters. This guide will detail the tools needed, dos and don'ts, the step-by-step measuring process, size calculation, the process…

How-to determine bra size