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your always on your phone. those rare times i text u tho, you hardly text back straight away like i do. no its ok tho, if…

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dont you hate a person who doesnt respond to your texts but always has their phone in their hand - Google Search

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I'm too tired to continue doing all the work in this one-sided friendship!!!

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Haha replace update Facebook status with reppining my pins

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he ignored text me all day - Google Search

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Sometimes it is to save your sanity from someone who just wants to use you ......

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Passive aggressive is not for me...I do not ignore texts or rude comments. I can always articulate my point of view...well. If you can't articulate your feelings, it's pretty obvious that you know you have no argument. And you never have to worry about me stabbing you in the back, I would so much rather just punch you in your face.

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Too busy to text back but not too busy for Facebook - story of my life

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my hobbies include being difficult for no reason and ignoring texts

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