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Haha replace update Facebook status with reppining my pins

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Hear me when I tell you this: people who ignore you, until it suits them to talk wot you, are not worth your friendship or your time!

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NOPE. The ones that only need you when they need something that will benefit them. I want people in my life that I know I can count on at all times.

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Ignored texts More

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your always on your phone. those rare times i text u tho, you hardly text back straight away like i do. no its ok tho, if…

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This is when it really pisses me off. When I KNOW you could be texting me back, because you're freaking ON FACEBOOK. and you don't text me back. I see how important I am to you...

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Pinterest: Nuggwifee☽ ☼☾

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"The worst feeling ever is when you realise that if you don't text them first, you won't talk at all."

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I like totally texted you just to work my thumbs out, of course I don't want a reply... DUH By all means, continue to ignore my text...

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he ignored text me all day - Google Search

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