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Gaping Hole To Custom Built In For Less Than $30.00

Insanely Flattering Tank Top - at Target, no less! "Cuts in" around the ribcage (i.e., no frumpy, boxy look) AND - gasp - it closes around the underarms nicely (no gaping arm holes!). Oh, and did I mention that, depending on color, the cost is $4 - $9?!

Sherri Hill style 50086

Sherri Hill style 50086 Authentic sherri hill, style 50086 in blush. Size 4. I bought this dress for prom in march 2016, wore it to my first prom and someone stepped on the train resulting in a huge gaping hole below the zipper, it was not fixable so the top layer of chiffon is not there anymore. It is still a beautiful dress and other than that and a few snags on the bottom it is in mint condition, beautiful dress. I received numerous compliments at both proms I attended. Will go lower on…

Oh sh!t (part one) . Battleship Number 27, USS Michigan suffered a burst barrel on her #2 turret. Not the barrel laying on her deck and a gaping hole in her superstructure. Also, importantly, notice the damage to the mid-portion of her foremast. [5729x4442]

I am going to show you how to begin a half double crochet or double crochet row WITHOUT leaving a gaping hole at the beginning of th...

They're Multiplying: Second 'Black Hole' Is Found in Siberia

It appears that gaping hole discovered deep in Siberia isn't the only one: Locals have encountered a second crater, smaller but otherwise almost exactly like the first. Scientists have visited the original hole, and although they haven't offered a specific explanation they did say there was "nothing mysterious" about the phenomenon.


Patch Drywall

Take care of the gaping hole in your wall with these quick steps.


Hollow by Author Karlee Winters Things arent always what they seem To outsiders Ashlynn Summers has it all: shes the star of her own TV cooking show respected by her community and a devoted wife. Until she discovers something that shakes her rock-solid world. Now all she wants is to focus on getting her life back on track. Volunteering at a homeless shelter renews her sense of purpose but when she meets the insolent Luke Brault Ashlynn cant help but think theres…

No More Hole Half Double Crochet Tutorial

This Free tutorial will show you how to begin your double crochet project without leaving a gaping hole at the beginning of the of the row!


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