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Чем западный способ мышления отличается от восточного, и в чём их…

Western Sundresses with Boots | You cannot go wrong with leather boots & a white linen dress...


Бакуля. Западный шик.

20 Motivational Quotes for Success

Do ya thang :)


RESPOND IN LOVE! But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also (Matthew 5:39). As Christians, when faced with aggression we are told not to retaliate with the same aggressive manner. We are to be angry but sin not (Ephesians 4:26). Meet the adversary with love. It may be easier said than done but anyone can stay and argue-It takes an even stronger person to be silent and/or walk away. Greater is He who is in you than he that is…


The way you sound affects your mood

The way you sound affects your mood - Researchers have created a digital audio platform that can modify the emotional tone of people's voices while they are talking, to make them sound happier, sadder or more fearful. New results show that while listening to their altered voices, participants' emotional state change in accordance with the new emotion.


Татьяна Черниговская: «Как научить мозг учиться?» Простым и понятным языком о современных знаниях о мозге. Потрясающе увлекательная и познавательная встреча с биологом, лингвистом, семиотиком и психологом, специализирующимся в вопросах нейронауки и психолингвистики, а также теории сознания.


6 Powerful TED Talks About Mental Health

6 Powerful #TEDTalks about Mental Health #TEDx


Could Depression Be Caused By An Infection?

Infection and autoimmune activity result in inflammation. And many psychiatric researchers think inflammation may play a role in depression and other mental illnesses.