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The perfect garden plan

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Vegetable Garden Fence Ideas

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Vegetable garden surrounded by a split rail fence to keep the rabbits and dear away.

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Vegetable garden with stick fencing. Awesome at keeping deer at bay.

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This vegetable garden is entirely enclosed by a fence of cedar, and galvanized steel mesh. The idea here is to protect herbs and vegetables from the wildlife. The height of the fence is meant to keep the deer out. The depth of the wire fencing below ground is meant to deter ground hogs and rabbits. Keep out

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Deer Proof Vegetable Garden Ideas On Deer Proof Garden Fence Garden

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Container Vegetable Gardening 101 - Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine. A privacy fence serves as one side of these small container boxes. A yard doesn’t need a lot of room in order to hold boxes filled with delicious produce. Photo by Joseph Kreiss

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vegetable garden design with wooden fence

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Here’s what you need for the raised bed. (Prices accurate as of 4/9/14 at Home Depot. Your mileage may vary.) If you already have fence boards, stakes, or nails, invest in a few more bags of steer manure to enrich your soil. 3, 6-foot cedar fence boards $1.50 each: $4.50 2 in. x 2 in. x 24 in. grade stake (6-pack): $5.47 1 box of 35, 2” nails: $1.30 2 bags of steer manure @ $1.37 each: $2.74 Subtotal: $14.01 Go to website for additional info

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