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4 funny persuasive writing prompts

Ho-hum persuasive writing prompts have nothing on pet dragons, animals in clothing, and parasailing with Grandma! These humorous topics will help kids practice writing to convince, but instead of boring them, each prompt offers a touch of silliness.

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picture writing prompts for kids - Google Search

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You are a kindergarten 'assassin'. You don't kill people though. You are paid (in candy, toys, etc) to get other kids grounded.

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"I hate to say it, but this sucks." "It doesn't sound like you hate to say it."

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i relate to art kids so much its sad but i can confirm this is 100% true

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“Never” poems

"Never" poems | What funny things would your kids "never" do? Let those ideas inspire them to write a silly poem.

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He Puts Vinegar In A Bottle And Starts Shaking It. The Results? What A Smart Winter Hack!

23 Hilarious Test Answers From Some Seriously Clever Kids 43 -

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I might not want to like, cause pain or anything, but funny inconviniences are totally my thing. For example, gluing their phone to something or putting hotsauce in a drink they thought was ice cold.

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*Slow clap* ah, the things you can do with the word "hippo". What's another word inspirational thingy?

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Sierra laughed but I gave her a serious look. "I'm not kidding, he's really not happy anymore, the only thing is, I have no idea HOW I broke him" "Abby, it wasn't your fault he hurt his leg, don't worry about it." "I know, but, I just feel so BAD." Sierra smiled at me sympathetically.

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