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Her work on nutrition means a lot to someone like me who grows gardens. Way to go Mrs. Obama!

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Atelier de Nicolas de Largillière, portrait de Voltaire, détail (musée Carnavalet) -002 - 18e eeuw - Wikipedia

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Bertrand Russell (1872-1970). Philosopher. Long interest in political and social theory. Taught German Social Democracy at the London School of Economics in 1896. Was made a fellow of the Royal Society in 1908. As a Fabian Socialist, he taught at Harvard in 1914.

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John Stuart Mill (Londres, 20 de mayo de 1806 — Aviñón, Francia, 8 de mayo de 1873) fue un filósofo, político y economista inglés representante de la escuela económica clásica y teórico del utilitarismo, planteamiento ético propuesto por su padrino Jeremy Bentham, que sería recogido y difundido con profusión por Stuart Mill.

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++YOU CAN ALSO WATCH THESE COOL DOCUMENTARIES++ Mind Over Matter (Power of Human Mind) - (Full Documentary 2014) ...

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Rosalind Franklin in her lab, 1950. Discovered the double helix of DNA along with Watson and Crick.

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Il comportamento

Thomas Hobbes door John Michael Wright.

Dmitry Levitsky - Portrait of Catherine II the Legislatress in the Temple of the Goddess of Justice - Google Art Project - Portraits of Catherine II of Russia - Wikimedia Commons

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'Mad Men': More on the Mystery of Bob Benson

Jimmy Wolk as Bob Benson on 'Mad Men'

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