Дэбби даунэр

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SNL remember the skit where she coudlnt stop laughing
like the 'friend' who when I say something was really great, just has to tell me how much she thought it sucked.
Haha! I never wish upon stars so therefore my dreams are not dead!

16 Comical Pics for Your Tuesday

The cat haha
Here comes MISERELLA!!! Hurry before she comes and sucks the happiness out of us!
I'm sorry if iv been a Debbie Downer lately. Our current circumstances, seem to be greatly influencing my emotional state.  Please know how much I truly care for & appreciate YOU. <3
More than a decade later people are still talking about this SNL classic
This quote is for those native people out there....nobody likes a Debbie Downer!
Soap for Debbie Downers

Soap for Debbie Downers