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Thanks for never being there . Crappy friend

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This is something I need to remember for myself, and for others. I need to make more time for my friends. And hope that they make more time for me. I feel like I am always the one to contact them and ask if they want to get together one on one. It's rarely the other way around.

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U my dear ex friend took full advantage . Thinking I wasn't paying attention. . U were one crappy friend.

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Shitty Friend Quotes | DownloadKeywords Friend Friends Quote Quotes Bad And Sayings

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The author of this obviously knows no one with special needs children..... Idiot.

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I'm learning how to do this better! I'd rather have a handful of good friends then a whole bunch of crappy ones

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That awkward moment in your friendship when you realize you are not really friends.

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Letting Go: How to Make Your Life More Awesome

Letting go of what was and creating situations the way you want them, means you have to take control of how you feel and what you do. Your wellbeing is in your hands my lovelies.

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Soo TRUE! Stop letting friends who make life all about them and never take responsibility for their actions. Make you feel so crappy inside

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