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Мошки дрозофилы – как избавиться простыми методами?

Первое в мире видео работы нервной системы дрозофилы | Head News

Хэллоуин и ДроЗофиЛы!

Дрозофилы. Плодовые мушки, и как от них избавиться

дрозофилы Моргана


Фасетчатый глаз мушки дрозофилы


Uncommon Fruits and Veggies

This mango relative was once illegal in the U.S. due to a specific breed of fruit fly that is associated with it. Once the ban was lifted, mangosteen prices skyrocketed at specialty stores. But now the fruit, while still a somewhat rare find in the U.S., can be purchased for a more reasonable rate. The dark purple fruit is extremely sweet once the outer layer is peeled away.


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