Top 100 kongekroner og kronjuveler gennem 3500 år | Top 100 Royal Crowns from the last 3500 years

Top 100 kongekroner og kronjuveler gennem 3500 år | Top 100 Royal Crowns from the last 3500 years

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The Imperial State Crown (1937) is worn by the Queen at each State Opening of Parliament. One of the youngest crowns in the collection, it holds a number of much older gems. The crown was remade in 1937 after the previous frame weakened under the weight of the gemstones.

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Emerald Necklace - Iranian Crown Jewels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The tiara worn by Tsarina Alexandra . A large Russian kokoshnik, with multiple pear-shaped diamonds, both top and bottom.

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French Crown Jewels/Queen Marie-Antoinette

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The sovereign is always crowned with St. Edwards crown. This is a golden crown encrusted with diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds and sapphires. It replaced the one destroyed by Cromwell. The crown has been used in the coronation of every British Monarch since Queen Victoria, by whom it was considered too heavy, she was crowned with the lighter State Crown.

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The Cullinan I, or Great Star of Africa, weighs 530.4 carats and is part of the British Crown Jewels.

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The Great Imperial Crown made in 1762 for the coronation of Catherine the Great by the court jeweler J.Pauzie represents the height of creative imagination, lavish beauty and skilled workmanship. It is adorned with five thousand diamonds arranged in a splendid pattern of laurel wreaths and oak branches.

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Danish Crown Jewels. Only the Queen of Denmark is allowed to wear the emerald parure, and since it is part of the crown jewels, it is not allowed to leave Denmark.

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