DIY Horse Show Ribbon Display Hanger

DIY Horse Show Ribbon Display Hanger

Custom Equestrian Hanging Ribbon Rack  1 ROWS by jessicacoates, $30.00

Custom Equestrian Hanging Ribbon Rack - 1 ROWS - holds up to 9 ribbons

Horse Show Ribbon Display
This one is cute; I could make it out of wood and put carved llama footprints on the ends instead!

Custom made horse ribbon display rack

If you’ve spent some time in the show ring, chances are you’ve accumulated a few ribbons. And if you’re anything like me, you want to stare at your hard-earned satin all day long. The problem is figuring out a way to display them so they’re visible, pretty, yet (somewhat) contained. I’ve done quite a few ribbon …

DIY Horse Show Ribbon Display Hanger

what i should have done with my old horse show ribbons!
Ribbon Jars - What to do with all your show ribbons - easy winter project!
Ribbon Display: You can now easily display all of you childrens ribbons or medals from their swim meets, track meets, horse shows, academic achievements or any other activities in which they participate. This is a 36 tall by 36 to 46 wide 3D wall hanging that can also be hung completely flat. It will be made to order in which ever letter you request. I may also be able to do other shapes and make it smaller if requested. You can also request the color and design of the edge ribbon. The ones…

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Been There Dunne That: Horse Show Ribbons  how to display show ribbons
Horse show ribbons - we have so many this would be a great idea.

What You Can Do With Horse Show Ribbons