Парник из старой оконной рамы.
Теплица из оконной рамы
Кухонная раковина из нержавейки у окна отлично гармонирует с винтажной формой оконной рамы. .

Парижская квартира с удивительной кухней из нержавейки

Парник из оконной рамы
Window Style Ideas - Narrow Vertical Windows // This kitchen is already bright thanks to the all white interior but the narrow window in the corner brings in just an extra bit of light and adds some contrast with its black window frame.

Window Style Ideas - Narrow Vertical Windows

Как превратить старое окно в произведение искусства: Фоторамка    Оконная рама может стать отличной фоторамкой. Причём фото устанавливать можно, как в каждую ячейку рамы, так
Window Dressings  "Most rooms need two layers of window treatments: one for light control and privacy, the other for looks," Griffin says. Roman shades and draperies in ribbed polyester work in tandem to perform both jobs. A green-ribbon detail on the draperies adds style. Hanging the drapes above the window frame visually increases the room's height.

Living Room Decorating Lessons

There’s nothing more soothing than relaxing with the sounds and smells of nature. If you live in a home with a concrete backyard, and you’ve been wishing you had a garden instead where you can unwind, here’s an innovative solution for you!  This daybed project is a lot easier and far more practical than digging up concrete backyard and turning it into a garden. You still get to enjoy taking a nap or reading a great book on a wonderful lawn and you get a great conversation starter thrown in!

How to build an amazing daybed made of grass

Excited about your garden, but things aren't going as well as you initially hoped? It might be because you're making these crucial mistakes./

5 Gardening Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Теплица с покрытием из поликорбоната, стекла, пленки своими руками