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la-journee: Gjon Mili - Figure Skating, Figure skater Carol Lynne’s movements charted by flashlights imbedded in each boot. New York 1945 (LIFE Archive)

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Stroboscopic Study of an Arm Movement Made by Dancer Patricia Mcbride -Gjon Mili

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Slide Show: Gjon Mili and the Science of Movement

The ballerina Alicia Alonso executing a pas de bourrée at the American Ballet Theatre, December, 1943. Gjon Mili

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Flash forward: Gjon Mili's amazing stroboscopic photographs – in pictures

Drummer Gene Krupa performing on cymbals at Gjon Mili's studio (Gjon Mili)

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Black and White Movements Photography by Gjon Mili

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Drummer Gene Krupa Performing at Gjon Mili's Studio

gene krupa performing / by gjon mili

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The TIME Vault: 1955

Gjon Mili—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Pablo Picasso "draws with light," 1949.

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On the Move: Visualising Action at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

Jascha Heifetz playing violin in Mili’s darkened studio as light attached to his bow traces the bow movement. Photo by Gjon Mili,1952.

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Black and White Movements Photography by Gjon Mili

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Stroboscopic Image of the Hands of Russian Conductor Efram Kurtz, While Conducting

Stroboscopic image of the hands of Russian conductor, Efraín Kurtz. Photo by Gjon Mili, 1945.

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