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If You are Happy and you Know it---K-1 but OTHER videos available at link

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Follow the link for a couple of really good Orff activites, free from Teachers Notebook. Hello songs and activities to get class started are too important for words. Kids don't come to music to sit quietly!

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Chop Chop Chippity Chop a fun Orff activity in 6/8 time. using solfege sol, la, mi, do

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‘Hot Cross Buns’ Orff Arrangement

‘Hot Cross Buns’ Orff Arrangement | Tom's Orff Arrangements

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GREAT SITE!!! Everything orff! Has videos, lesson plans, podcasts, smart board lessons, and so much more.

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Beth's Music Notes: syncopation Nigerian Folk song.

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1st grade Abiyoyo Orff Activity - YouTube

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Rob Amchin—University of Louisville—"Copy Cat" Poem with Orff Instruments - YouTube

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Orff - rock trap. (class body percussion based on 4 groups of ostinati) Good activity prior to cutting them loose in groups.

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Body Percussion Card Freebie Printable

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