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Happiness #398: Happiness is feeling baby kicking in your belly.

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pregnancy quotes tumblr

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This would be exhausting to do, but if it helped your milk supply substantially in 3 days it would so be worth it!

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Balloon kicking activity for babies

Balloon kicking activity for babies - Laughing Kids Learn

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Pregnancy comic. Lol! Baby kicking. What we're going through right now!

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Feeling my baby kick for the first time was the most remarkable moment in my life.... every girl should be able to have that feeling ! I feel for those people who are unable to have children.

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51 Onesies Your Baby Needs In Their Life

It means “no worries”. Sort of. Bahaha this cracks me up.

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16 Ways to Play With Your Baby (Ages 0-4 Months)

How to Play With Your Baby Newborn Ages 0-4 Months | Momma Society-The Community of Modern Moms |

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20 Activities For Baby

Met de baby's, met de ballonen spelen. Het is een gerecycleerd spel , want je hebt alleen maar draad en ballonen nodig. Je neemt twee ballonen en blaast ze op( roden), je hangt ze vast aan een draad. En als je gaat spelen met de baby, kan je het aan de voetjes vast maken of in zijn of haar handjes vastnemen, zo stimuleer je het kind.

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A baby inside the womb is not kicking you. Just merely trying to find a place to hug you from the inside...

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