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AHHH my favorite animal (the sea otter) since I was like 4!

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This Rescued Baby Otter Will Shock You With Its Fluffiness

Baby Otter <3 <3 <3 how cute is this little baby girl!!!

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Baby Otter

There is a whole photo album dedicated to this cutie.

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Sea Otter Mom & Pup

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This picture breaks my heart into a MILLION pieces but it is the sweetest in the world. Tears......

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Baby Otter Comfortably Sleeps On Its Mama's Belly

This clip will instantly lift your mood today and make your hearts melt for sure. ;) ==>

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The smallest of all the otter species, the Asian Small-Clawed Otter weighs less than 50 grams at birth. They’re also born toothless, blind and nearly immobile, making them completely dependent on their mothers.

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Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) stretching after short nap.....I died. For real. Too cute for words!

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The 21 Happiest Otters Ever Are Here To Brighten Your Day


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picture of baby sea otter | Baby Sea Otters |

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Baby Sea Otter and Mother. I'll never let you go.

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Sleepy baby sea otter takes a nap on its mother's belly

These otters prove just how adorable nap time is

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