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Toy Fox Terrier puppy Missing my little man.... This is what he looked like when I got him 15 years ago.... RIP my friend. I'll see you again someday.

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Gotta love a toy fox terrier! Looks just like my baby Nel :)

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The Toy Fox Terrier features a brief, smooth, glossy coat.

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Toy Fox Terrier Puppies

Toy Fox Terrier Puppies - so cute

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That's Right. I have a little Puggle and a big great dane. Life is perfect!

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Love My Toy Fox Terrier

T shirt with Motto. Love My Toy Fox Terrier

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Toy Fox Terriers enjoy attention and do greatest with folks who can spend a important level of time with them daily.

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Toy fox terrier - this little cutie looks suspiciously similar to my min pins. Very cute!

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Old Town Alexandria

Penny the Toy Fox Terrier puppy

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Toy Fox Terrier . omg! just like my chia pet doggy cute poo!

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Toy Fox Terrier

alot of personality in this little breed and being a terrier they are tenacious and smart

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Toy Fox Terrier napping...zzzzz

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I'm going to educate the rest of the world about TFT's. Toy Fox Terriers are the BEST!

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toy fox terrier | Foxhill Toy Fox Terriers - To Have & To Hold - Love for a Lifetime

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