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Артуриана в исполнении Essilt "Сокровища Британии" Королева Моргана Пендрагон - Кейти Макграт Король Артур Пендрагон - Джош Даллас Король Нортумбрии и Регеда Уриен ап Кинварх - Ричард Армитидж. "Драконья сага": Королева Регеда Модрон мерх Аваллах - Ева Грин Король Регеда Уриен ап Кинварх - Люк Эванс Король Артур Пендрагон - Чарли Ханнем #arthuriana #KingArthur #Morgana #Modron #KingUrien #Essilt #fanart #mine

Oh Dallas Green, I love you. Even more than I love Ryan Gosling and I LOVE Ryan Gosling. #LetMeLoveYou

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Dallas Green - City and Colour

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I'm a big fan of Dallas Green/City and Colour. He makes some pretty sweet 'chill out' music

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Dallas Green.. City and Colour via | borrowed heaven

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Dallas Green- (born September 29, 1980 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian musician. In 2005, Green debuted his first full-length album, titled "Sometimes", which achieved Platinum certification by 2006. City and Colour began performing in small intimate settings while Alexisonfire went on break, marking the start of one of Canada's dominant alternative bands.

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Dallas Green (City and Colour). He truly has a voice of an angel and his lyrics are deep and meaningful and full of raw emotion <3

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Dallas Green - City and Colour. For some reason this photo intrigues me.

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