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If you haven't read the books, it doesn't make sense, but if you have, it made me remember Peeta and Katniss together!!

Yeah really or have a tv show where they show all the previous hunger games and have the nwxt year as the next episode and view it as if it were on the screen that u would see in thw district

super hunger games problems- YES!!!!! Like that red dress would be PERFECT for my juniour/seniour.

This is true. It seems fun! But like seriously, if you havent read the book, you aint a true fan! It really gets on my nerves when people who havent read the book are all like OMG that is the best trilogy ever I am the biggest fan!! Gosh i hate it.

omg yes. i would also like to see it from Prim's in the first book watching her sister in the hunger games.

Hunger Games problems Finishing the Hunger Games series and having to enter reality again Or...just start over. :)

Personally, I think they named them Finnick Haymitch Mellark and Primrose Rue Mellark...but that's just what I think.....

and then I end it with a "Goodbye" just like JoeyGraceffa :-p