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This Teacher Forces Her To Answer Her Phone In Class On Speaker, And Instantly Regrets It

14 Incredible Images You Need to See 22 -

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Образование Военно-медицинской академии имени С.М.Кирова Официальным днем учреждения академии считается 18 (29) декабря 1798 г., когда императором Павлом I был подписан указ «об …устроении при главных госпиталях особого здания для врачебного училища и учебных театров». Предыстория этого события уходит в начало XVIII века, когда в ходе строительства Санкт-Петербурга Петр I принял участие в закладке в 1715 г. на Выборгской стороне Адмиралтейского госпиталя. Позже в 1717 г. рядом с ним был…

Tech That's Revolutionizing Your Daily Chores

SWASH de-wrinkles and removes odors without the wear and tear of a traditional washing machine or dryer.

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A biological street lamp that cleans carbon out of the air

One day, dark city streets could be illuminated with biotechnology like this glowing green lamp, which is made with fluorescent algae. The algae naturally emits a soft glow, and at the same time it draws harmful carbon out of the atmosphere. So this street light is naturally good for the environment.

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The Direct To iPhone/iPod Scanner.

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AdrenaSuit - Bulletproof & Superpowered

This is a bulletproof suit that also gives you short bursts of heightened strength and speed - superhero aspirations becoming that much more achievable! AdrenaSuit - Inner Vein System & Finished Look.

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Tabletop computer for designers.

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Universal Plug by Seungwoo Kim » Yanko Design. This works well for people who have trouble pinching with their fingers.

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3-D Printed Stag Sculpture - as soon as my printer is working, i am sooo printing one of these

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Mermaid Knee High Socks

Start expressing yourself from head to toe. Literally. Check out our collections of the coolest socks on planet earth!

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