FREE- Gallon Man-- Math, Measurement 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Homeschool Handouts, Printables..This is a visual to help your students learn and remember the conversion of gallons, pints, quarts, and cups. You can use this as notes or a worksheet for the students to fill in the words.

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Use Mr. Gallon in your classroom to help your students learn about gallons, quarts, pints, and cups! link:

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The volume robot was one way I learned the unit conversions for liquid measurements in school!

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The Gallon-Man Song: Liquid Measurement Equivalents - YouTube

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Measuring Capacity with GallonBot (W13)

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Picture More

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Gallon man with real world objects. Genius! I'm a visual learner, this would have helped it make so much more sense

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Free Measurements Printable - Cute way to remember how many cups in a pint, quart and gallon!

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The G is the house, the 4 Q's (quarts) are the windows, the 8 P's (pints) are the people, and the 16 C's (cups) are the eyes! This pin doesn't go to a blog, but the picture tells it all! I think I like this better than Gallon Man!

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Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher: Lucky Centers and a Freeeebie!

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