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Притчи и афоризмы on

Высокомерие складывается из чересчур высокого мнения о себе и чересчур низкого о других. Монтень М. #цитаты

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When you're confident you don't have to "sell yourself". Your confidence & strength of character speak for themselves.

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Top 30 Inspirational Quotes

I can't stand a smirker. They have arrogance written all over their fool face.

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Do you know her? O- I so used to know her, luckily I don't any longer because I…

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Integrity, treatment, mean, kind, confidence, snob, nasty, insecure, love, peace, believe, strong, forgive @retweetngro

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Amanda Patterson on

When i transitioned, suddenly i was treated like I had lost 50 I.Q. points overnight.....

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Image result for quotes about arrogant attitude

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The kindest thing we can do for believers is to UNDERSTAND why and how they really believe...We're in the final chapters of this man-made mess. The hopelessly faithful will continue to pray themselves to death...The kindest thing we can do is leave them in their delusion...gpb/infj

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So arrogant...looks so bad on you! Along with the bitterness and jealousy, wow you look uglier than normal

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15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

so make people smile and allow them to remember you for all the good things you've done

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