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Do you know her? O- I so used to know her, luckily I don't any longer because I…

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quotes on vanity | Vanity can easily overtake wisdom. It usually overtakes common sense ...

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Teaching Children to Serve

Imagine if you pinned more of these instead of pinning tutorials of makeup and clothes. Expand your mind passed your vanity. The world revolves wider then yourself.

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"I as a child didn't understand what I was staring at, I just watched as this shadowed creature curled up in the corner weeping. When I wouldn't look at him, he would form an evil grin and try to kill me. Luckily he couldn't get to me through the mirror." Riley thought smiling at himself in the mirror laughing slightly "But now were good friends."

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Jane Austen disentangles "vanity" and "pride"

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A pretty face gets old A nice body will change But a good heart will always remain

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24 Jane Austen Quotes That Still Ring True Today

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I couldn't agree with this more!!

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Yes. Rich does not mean classy

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Who others portray themselves to be on social media, affects the way we feel about our own lives. Often, we will feel like our life is not as interesting as others or that we are somehow lacking.

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