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Akinator, the Web Genius. Can guess what character your thinking of. Had quite a bit of fun with this!

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Fictional Character Crush: Haruka Nanase

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omg I cried so hard........ I watched this for the first time last week and I'm still not over his death. :'( First time I felt like I was falling for a fictional character since Jack Sparrow years ago. I guess Jacks must be generally hot. ;) But really, the real reason I love Jack Dawson so much is because he reminds me of a certain person from real life.... ;)

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Marshall lee !! Is it bad that I'm in love with a fictional character?? I don't care he is sexy and hot! Love u Vampire King!!

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Hikaru and Kaoru. I'll take them both please...

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Akinator :try this its like 20 questions and he guesses all the time correctly

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I Have Fictional character Crush

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Awww....everyone who sees this, give Crona a hug for me.

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