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"I use "the other day" a lot and that can mean anything from yesterday to the day of my birth "

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Did anyone else catch the extra "the" in this?! #INTJ The extra "the" is killing me but I love this so pinning.

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When someone who's normally mean pays you a compliment (Funny Relationship Pictures) - #compliment #mean

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A friend tagged me to this, we call it 'resting bitch face'!! Hahaha. Im guessing i look mean by the way people look at me and NO ONE approaches me either.. :-/ Im a nice person, i swear

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Tumblr Shtuff.

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so mean but funny

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Funny free online cards for kind of mean, self absorbed, drunks.

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Story of my life people bug me so much uggh.. I mean I live them but uggggggg!!! Who's with me?

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The Humor Train

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˚°◦ღ...mean lil shit

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