Treats: Buzzed #Cherry #Bombs ~ Soak cherries in vanilla vodka, then dip in melted candy and sprinkles.
Must keep these out of reach of kiddos, but totally making these for the July 4th dessert party!
Buzzed Cherry Bombs
Buzzed Cherry Bombs are cherries soaked in vanilla vodka then dipped in melted candy and sprinkles. A fun red, white, and blue dessert for Fourth of July.
Buzzed Strawberry Bites (Rum Soaked Strawberries) - When I posted a recipe for Buzzed Cherry Bombs, many of you asked if you could do something similar with strawberries. The answer is, Y...
How To Make Cherry Bombs | Vodka Infused Cherries

Cherry Bombs | Vodka Infused Cherries

These vodka-soaked cherries are sure to be a hit at any adult holiday party.

Boozy Christmas Cherry Bombs

Get the party started with these patriotic treats.​ Boozy cherry bombs...

Boozy Cherry Bombs

Need a fun little Valentine's decadent dessert? Try these white chocolate cherry bombs. They're maraschino cherries wrapped in white chocolate ganache. YUM!

White Chocolate Cherry Bombs

Sweet Chocolate Cherry Bombs I'd make it with chocolate frosting, and ganache on the outside...
Cherry Bombs! Soaked in vanilla vodka, for 1 day.  Drain & let dry in fridge for another day.  Dry w/ paper towel & dip in chocolate!
SMOKIN' CHERRY BOMBS - These bacon-wrapped, whiskey-soaked, maraschino cherries and smoked hot Italian sausage explode with flavor and grilling makes them a great tasting barbecue appetizer. Soaking the cherries in a bourbon for a good week gives them the perfect flavor punch. The cooking process dissipates the alcohol, but the flavor stays and fuses perfectly with the cherries, bacon, and smoky sausage.
Chocolate Covered Cherry Brownie Bombs! Delicious bites of brownie surrounding cherry pie filling and then dipped in chocolate!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Brownie Bombs