image Mickey Mouse

This is a vintage (or, at least, vintage-looking) Mickey Mouse poster. I picked this because I like the vintage style. The fonts are cool, and the distressed look works really well to establish a vintage feel.

Выражения с предлогами на тему Страсть/любовь / Неформальный Английский

Minnie & Mickey│Mouse - - or Ashlyn Nicole Howard and James Courtney Bellah are luvs will always bloom and fill up the balloon till it pops ! Them we will fill up millions of luvs balloons I luvs my Minnie Mouse and she luvs her Mickey Mouse !

Vintage 1930 Mickey Mouse Toy Design Patent Art Print  Walt Disney Print Poster Drawing Illustration for Home or Office Decor Nursery Child by BlueMoonPatentPrints on Etsy

Patent application for a Mickey Mouse toy. What mostly interested me here is that bizarre top view of Mickey Mouse. I must have stared at that for at least 5 minutes.