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GSDs and their babies :)

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If someone tells me to choose them or my dog than they are not a real friend. All my friends know that NO ONE messes with my dogs.

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The German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd

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18 Crazy Pets Who Weren’t Expecting Their Owners to Come Home Early

23 Photos and Memes that Perfectly Illustrate How German Shepherds Act Behind Closed Doors

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GSD More

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german Shepard refrigerator magnet 2 1/2 x 3

My dogs wait outside the door when I am in any room that they aren't. I love hearing them rest against the door waiting for me with little cries like I have been gone all day and it's been 5 mins.

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Doubtful German Shepherd : Doubtful German Shepherd, Do You Honestly Think, I Don't Know What V-e-t Spells? - by ltourtelot - (tags: doubtful, dog, german shepherd)

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german shepherd puppy funny More

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Animals that don’t suck (35 Photos)

So as I'm scrolling down the page viewing this pin and LMAO at his expressions…

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