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Halfmoon Betta: The Halfmoon is a very desirable tail type. It is characterized by having the full 180 degree spread when flared, forming a "D" shape with straight edging. Dorsal and anal fins are also dramatically larger than those on other fin types. HMs are prone to tail-biting and fin damage...HMs often feel hampered down by their fins.

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Costasiella usagi are sea slugs that live near Okinawa, Singapore, and the Philippines, eating a diet of green algae.

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This Sea Slug Looks Like A Day-Glo Sheep And Can Photosynthesize Its Own Food. Costasiella kuroshimae is a tiny species of sea slug that is commonly known as Kuroshima’s Avrainvillea Slug.

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808 Platinum orange dragon HM male

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Black and white

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The AquaBid Thread! - Page 1183

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Black and yellow

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velveteenrabbit: 990000: v. toxicitea omg. good night, i love you. yours, devoted, Jessica Rachel

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lemon yellow sea slug ~ by Pietro.Cremone, via Flickr

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Red devil butterfly

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