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I would so say this to my crush but I don't know how to talk to guys like that.

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Yup... sometimes I don't like talking about my problems but just bc I don't want to be a burden.

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i agree with it all except the one about kissing her when she's venting because it's like saying her problems aren't important

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12 Adorable Texts That'll Make You Warm And Fuzzy

When you put there needs Before yours.

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Insensitive men....

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Before we were dating, my boyfriend actually asked me if I had multiple personality disorder because of this

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Sometimes people with depression can be clingy. And usually it's because you make them feel after feeling numb for a long time.

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A mi también me pasó #22

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Ugly People Problems on

...<<<I just got a boyfriend I still think this

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Have had this done to me by one boyfriend who turned out to have been cheating on me..... never let anyone make you feel like you are not strong. if you feel weak in a relationship.... you need to get out. You might think that the problem is you, that the relationship would be great if it weren't for all the things you did wrong... but the thing is, even if you are the problem, you can't fix it unless you end the relationship and develop yourself as a person first. this will allow you to…

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