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Amused Grace: Goddess Oracle Deck - Black Madonnas are a mostly medieval European phenomenon, with between 450-500 of them in existence,... This card represents ancient secrets in plain sight, then, or the layers of the past showing through in the present; and despite the rewritten history the origins of things are easily discerned. -Thalia Took

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Kelaeno The Harpies ("The Snatchers") are storm Goddesses. Kelaeno ("The Black One", as Kali of India is "The Black Goddess"), is like Her sisters an agent of divine vengeance. She was known to be a prophetess.

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Chalchiuhtlicue. And when all had settled, Her spirit swept over the water...

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Nekhbet, Ancient Egyptian Goddess Who Protects the New by Thalia Took Nekhbet is an ancient Egyptian mother Goddess and the protectress of Upper Egypt. She is often depicted as a vulture, the symbol of Upper Egypt since ancient times, and is usually paired with Uadjet or Wedjat, the cobra Goddess of the Lower Nile, to represent the unity of Egypt.

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Norse mythology - The children of Angrboda

Norse mythology - The children of Angrboda

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Osiris is the Ancient Egyptian Lord of the Dead, King of the Underworld, who was killed by His brother Seth and restored to life by Isis and Anubis. He was associated with the sprouting corn of springtime.

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Pomona is the Roman Goddess of fruiting trees and orchards. She watches over and protects fruit trees and cares for their cultivation, and in fact Her name is from the Latin pomum, fruit. She is an expert in pruning and grafting, and was so absorbed in this labor of love that She turned away many suitors, including Priapos and Silenos, Who was part of the entourage of Dionysos.

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Славянский мир Игоря Ожиганова

Živa (Жива), also Żiwia, Siva, Sieba or Razivia, was the Slavic goddess of life and fertility. Her name means "living, being, existing". Дочь Лады,жена Даждьбога, покровительница юных девушек и молодых жен. Так же Жива перенимала часть обязательств у Макоши, которая плела судьбы людей и богов. Макошь плела судьбы конкретных личностей, а Жива всего мира Яви целиком.

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The Sheila-na-gig is a figure from medieval stone carvings of the British Isles (mostly Ireland), of a grinning woman holding open Her vulva. She is regarded by some as a gargoyle-like figure meant as a medieval allegory of lust, or as a magical figure meant to cure infertility in women, but others have seen in Her an echo of the ancient Irish earth mother.

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Grandmother Momoy, Chumash Indian Goddess of Tradition and Medicine by Thalia Took Do not misuse my gifts.

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