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my husband & I were riding bikes in Mayaka State Park & I fell off. I heard the clop of hooves on the road, looked up and saw this magnificent animal watching me.
Photo by Lance Krueger We deer hunters can never claim that we lack information. We know all about deer habits and habitat, preferred forage and growth rates, physiology and reproductive practices. We can identify the size of a deer by its tracks, its gender by its urine, and its current feeding preferences by its droppings. We watch deer on trail cams and name animals we've never seen in the flesh. So, is there such a thing as TMI—too much information—when it comes to whitetails?
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Apple Creek Whitetails
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SEASONAL – SPRING – a time when you see more of the younger deer exploring the world for the first time, such as the whitetail bucks still looking for a fight, by charles alsheimer, sometimes the goal is to aim high.
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Schooled: Trophy Bucks That Got Away | Field & Stream
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Monster Whitetail Deer Pictures | Close up photo of a monster buck whitetail deer - heavy trophy antlers ...