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Atrological Star Signs on body, 1475

Астрофиллит Релиз, Мечты / астральные путешествия, осознание Первичные Чакры: Crown и Высшие Астрологические знаки: Рак, Козерог, Скорпион

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British LIbrary, Man with signs of the zodiac on his body, Egerton 2572, f.50v

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F.116v The Relationship between the Human Body and the Signs of the Zodiac, from a medical treatise by Abul Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbas al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis) (936-1013) translated by Gerard de Cremone (1114-870 (vellum) by French School, (14th century) - Bridgeman art images & historical footage for licensing

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Grabado medieval de médico colocando brazo dislocado (1450)

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Occult-Themed Tattoo Art

Occult-Themed Tattoo Art - Tom Gilmour Creates Symbolism-Inspired Body Ink (GALLERY)

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Bodleian, MS. Ashmole 399, f.020r. Treatise on the human body. England, c.1292. “Diagram of body showing bones; including dental chart.”

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In an era that are more highly valued for what we have than by what we are, it is difficult to feel satisfied with little. Human beings have adapted to always want more and, therefore, ceased to value the present and their small achievements. Have you ever noticed how much …

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