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I cannot breathe!!!

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This man needs a med rec, not a refill.

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Pharmacy wreath. Notice all the x's on the bottles? Love it!! LOL!!

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Uwe Shopinweb on

Nooo!!! More

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That's why I say it's policy they tell me the name or Rx # to fill otherwise I can't fill it! Lol

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So funny & so true!

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I'm laughing way harder than I should.

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All over the counting tray. Oh look! Now they are on they counter. Oh joy! They are making a break for it and heading for the floor! Hahaha

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Oh, sorry about that long pause... I was just trying to hang myself with the phone cord. Ecard

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I'll fax this to your pharmacy. They'll have it ready in 15 mins, because you are their only customer and they are standing around waiting for.

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