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anti-racism but not too heavy

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The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years

2002. Via the U.K. | The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years

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Fixing Our Broken Systems

Unfortunately, society is not a level playing field. It is structured on social injustice.

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10 of the Best Anti-Discrimination Ads

10 of the Best Anti-Discrimination Ads - (anti discrimination, discrimination ads)

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Gruyère Popovers

This is a quote from an activist named Nelson Mandala. He was someone during this time period who really impacted the Civil Rights era. He changed peoples lives in Little Rock Arkansas for the better. For example, African Americans lives like Liz were improved because earlier in time it was difficult for her and her family members to deal with society but now African Americans are treated more equally.

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Yes! Anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-war, and etc. Note I say religion. Not faith.

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We all bleed the same color. Quotes About Anti Racism And Against Racial Discrimination Instagram Pinterest Facebook

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Are skin color is due to geographical location; enlighten your mind and let not ignorance divide us!!!

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Race Baiters are the epitome of evil in today's American society. Politicians who use race as a talking point are only attempting to divide our Country as to achieve their goals

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Anti Racism!!!

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