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Wow! HUGE! Would not want this to lurk under water while swimming - YIKE!

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Why would my husband need your help? He posted the pic of you cause he knows you watch me and his way of saying hi... That is a personal and private nickname I have for him :/

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National Geographic photo of the year

National Geographic photo of the year - 9GAG

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boudhabar: “ Spotted eagle ray, Aetobatus narinari ”

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Grote witte haai

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~ Repinned 4 U by Karen of

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Just imagine you're in a kayak. You smoked a joint and decided to go for an…

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Real or fake?....idk; but hmmm, what if it were a real would you caption it?.....

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basking shark, photographed off the coast of Scotland. the perspective may be messed up here, although these sharks do grow to enormous sizes.

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