Архитектурные макеты

21 Pins
four different views of the front and side of a brick building with arched doorways
the front door of a purple house with flowers in pots on the steps and windows
a bench with an umbrella attached to it in the snow next to a street light
Прикольные картинки. Вечерний выпуск (51 фото)
an old black and white photo of a city street with people walking on the sidewalks
Scotland GOLDEN AGE OF TRAVEL 1830-1955 post card
an ornate architectural design on the side of a building
an old building with ornate carvings and windows
Abandoned But Loved
tacomablue: Abandoned auditorium View Post
an old castle like building with a clock on it's tower
Замок «Гарибальди» в селе Хрящевка
an old building with a clock tower on the top and balconies above it