Cheat Sheets for knitting! Oh how I love this. Want to print it out and laminate it :)

Cheat Sheets for knitting! Are you a knitter? Or aspiring to be a knitter? You’ll want to save these fantastic cheat sheets!

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Charted cable and lace knitting pattern from a Russian site, but it looks fairly straightforward, and is very pretty

Lace knitting pattern in Safran'ın Örgü Dünyası facebook album

Can someone read the chart for me? I just need the angled T is purl 2 through back loops so that the stitch leans in that direction

КЛУБОЧЕК - вязание рукоделие


КЛУБОЧЕК - вязание рукоделие



Мастер-класс по вязанию спицами: вязание в стиле пэчворк


Discover thousands of images about Entrelac knitting looks scary, but trust me, you can handle it! Here are some tips to help your first venture into entrelac be a success.

A variety of lace patterns originated in Spain, but lace knitted stockings came into their own in France. These created quite a sensation, especially in England, where Henry VIII owned many pairs of French-made lace stockings.

The Scent of Lavender pattern from Around the World in Knitted Socks: 26 Inspired Designs by Stephanie van der Linden, as shown in Ravelry

knitted socks - free pattern. This is a very pretty sock pattern, will have to add it to the endless list of socks I want to knit.

See Eunny Knit!: Bayerische sock (Part II) from the lovely and talented Eunny Jang.I love this pattern

Красивый жилет


Красивый жилет