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Historical Map of Medieval Europe in the 13th Century Credits University of Texas at Austin. From The Public Schools Historical Atlas edited by C. Colbeck, 1905.

Map Europe in the Century; polities changed often and quickly in Medieval Europe and, of course, it's impossible to have precise territorial delineations

Austria  Silver 1250 Bishop Medieval Coin

Austria Silver 1250 Bishop Medieval Coin

King John silver penny, 1205

Inventing the Penny: Charlemagne’s Lost Effort at a Standard Currency -- (English Penny from the twelfth century featuring King John.

Bowl Production Date: Medieval; late 11th-mid 14th century

bowl Production date: Medieval; late century Measurements: H 42 mm;

Medieval map of England and Scotland dating from 1250.

Matthew Paris map of Britain, Cotton Claudius © The British Library Board

Thirteenth century wood plates recovered from a silted-up well in Spitalfields, London. They are believed to have belonged to the inmates of the long-gone Hospital of St Mary Spital, which gave its name to Spitalfields; they still display ridges from the lathe, Almost no trace remains above ground of the ancient Hospital of St Mary yet, in Spital Square, the roads still follow the ground plan laid laid out in 1197, with the current entrance from Bishopsgate coinciding to the gate of the…

Home Decor Objects : Thirteenth century plates recovered from a silted-up well in Spitalfields Londo